A successful Paint and Sip fundraiser means the Osoyoos Lake Water Quality Society (OLWQS) will have sufficient funds to undertake another summer of scientific water quality measurements on the Canadian side of Osoyoos Lake.
“We now have the means to enable the OLWQS to pay for annual servicing of its sophisticated and sensitive underwater equipment that allows our organization to continue monitoring Osoyoos Lake for another summer,” explains OLWQS President, Birgit Arnstein. 
“In order to create and execute this wonderful event requires the goodwill of our local community and the unwavering commitment of a strong group of local volunteers who give their time and skills to this important cause.”
Arnstein noted that several key pieces fell into place to allow the fundraiser to happen.  Some of those included Ryan Duffy, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Watermark Beach Resort who hosted the event and the South Okanagan Chamber of commerce which sponsored selected wines for the 30+ participants. 
Others donated their time and skills including Claudia Punter a renowned local artist who is not only gifted in her own right, but has a knack for sharing her considerable painting skills.  
As well, local musicians and vocalists Jeff Smith and Vincent de Cowans provided a musical and vocal setting to inspire participants with their creations.  Polka Dot Door Floral Design sold tickets and provided a beautiful flower arrangement as a prize as well as numerous local wineries who gifted a bushel of bottles that created a prize raffle for one of the lucky participants.

“We are also truly blessed to have such wonderful volunteers who continue to support us such as Carol Boan, Jennifer Morton and Barb Chipperfield who sponsored the nibblies from veggies and dip to assorted crackers and fresh fruit for participants. 

Meanwhile, others including Marie Gibbons, Tami Marcus, Barb Stevens, Darlene Hovid and Elise Peterson provided support as required  throughout the evening to ensure everything ran smoothly.”

Photo Credit:  Neil Bousquet

Watermark’s Ryan Duffy ensured there was plenty to sip.  Photo Credit: Neil Bousquet

Photo Credit:  Neil Bousquet
Artist Claudia Punter was quick to offer painting tips. Photo Credit: Neil Bousquet
Musicians and vocalists Jeff Smith and Vincent de Cowans provided inspired music for participants to create with their best work. Photo Credit:  Neil Bousquet
Claudia Punter shared one-to-one painting techniques with participants. Photo Credit: Neil Bousquet
Paint & Sip participants got the opportunity to experience some of the amazing art created by their teacher. Photo Credit:  Neil Bousquet
Participant Cynthia Stephenson was the lucky winner of the flower arrangement prize donated  by Polka Dot Door Floral Design who also sold tickets for the event.   Photo Credit: Neil Bousquet
One lucky participant also went home with a bushel of bottles from supportive local wineries.
Photo Credit:  Neil Bousquet
Participants showing off their interpretation of the painting challenge. Photo Credit #1 Marie Gibbons
Participants and their final renderings #2 . Photo Credit: Marie GibbonsParticipants and their final renderings #3 . Photo Credit: Marie Gibbons
Some participants shared a before and after shot of their creation. Very Impressive “Picasso Padmore”.
Photo Credit: Neil Bousquet 
Photo Credit, Diane Padmore
Creating and executing a special event requires the goodwill of our local community and the unwavering commitment of a strong group of local volunteers who give their time and skills to this important cause. Some of those include the following (l-r) Vincent de Cowans, Birgit Arnstein, Claudia Punter, Tami Marcus, Marie Gibbons, Barb Stevens, Darlene Hovis, Elise Peterson and Jeff Smith. Photo Credit:  Ryan Duffy
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