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Every year we receive numerous inquiries about what is happening with Osoyoos Lake and how people can get involved with protecting our lake.

It’s become a central focus for the south Okanagan communities surrounding Osoyoos Lake.  As our communities continue to grow and evolve, so to does the number of challenges that we face to keep our beautiful lake as pristine as possible today and for future generations.

By joining OLWQS and personally getting involved,  you are helping the society to continue its mandate to educate and inform all Canadians about maintaining the integrity and water quality of Osoyoos Lake for all to discover, enjoy and protect.

Annual Membership is $25.  Donations can be submitted in three ways.

1. E-transfer $25 funds to the Osoyoos Lake Water Quality Society using your cell phone/laptop  BANK APP.    Also complete the MEMBERSHIP FORM and email it to

2. Complete the  MEMBERSHIP FORM and mail it with $25 cheque payable to Osoyoos Lake Water Quality Society Box 1382, Osoyoos BC, V0H 1V0

3. Place completed  MEMBERSHIP FORM and $25 cheque payable to:  Osoyoos Lake Water Quality Society  in an envelope and deliver it in person to the Polka Dot Door’s new address is:  8522 Main St (next to Wildfire Grill) during regular business hours. 

Please note that donation receipts will be sent when funds and information documents are received

Thank you!




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