You couldn’t have asked for better weather than July 1, 2024.  As it has for many years, the Osoyoos Lake Water Quality Society participated in the Cherry Fiesta Parade and set up an information booth at Gyro Park next to OASISS (Okanagan and Similkameen Invasive Species Society).

Both groups aim to educate the public about the dire need to protect our beautiful waterways in the south Okanagan from invasive species as well climate change so that future generations can continue to enjoy our beautiful, natural environment.

Birgit Arnstein, president of OLWQS had high praise for the organization’s volunteers who continue to give generously of their time and energy to support all of the organizations initiatives.

“We couldn’t exist without our wonderful volunteers,” explains Arnstein.  “It takes a lot of people to prepare and organize a parade float and provide an information booth on Canada Day, one of the most popular days in the south Okanagan.  They could be out floating or swimming in Osoyoos Lake, but they make time for the parade and the information booth.”

Arnstein alluded to people like Ryan Simms and Iain Fraser who are responsible for safely moving the OLWQS’s scientific pontoon boat in and out of the water and driving it through the parade route.   

As well, they are others who decorate the parade boat and enthusiastically wave while creating clear bubbles on the boat throughout the parade. They include Captain Bob Sherwood and boat mates Barb Chipperfield and Marie Gibbons. 

And then there are volunteers Barb Stevens and Tami Marcus who carry the OLWQ banner and wave and smile in the Okanagan sunshine, which is no easy feat. 

And last, but certainly not least, there are the educators Dave Kumka, Birgit Arnstein and Jennifer Morton who take time to explain what OLWQS does for the community as well as the BC Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change as well as numerous other environmental organizations.

Getting the OLWQS float ready for the Cherry Fiesta Parade fell on the shoulders of (L-R) Barb Stevens, Barb Chipperfield, Tami Marcus and Marie Gibbons.

Barb Stevens and Tami Marcus carry the OLWQ banner at the start of the Cherry Fiesta Parade.

(l-r) Captain Bob Sherwood, Barb Chipperfield and Marie Gibbons wave to the massive crowds while creating beautiful bubbles.  

(L-R) Jennifer Morton and Birgit Arnstein set up and hosted the information booth.

(l-r) Jennifer Morton speaks with visitors to OLWQS booth.














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