OLWQS research boat Boat Captain Iain Fraser idles the pontoon boat while John Gates enters the data into a laptop computer hidden from the sun. Photo Credit: Trevor Reeves

The dedication of the research boat Captains and its skilled crew members who monitor and measure the water quality of Osoyoos Lake during the summer months has posted the results of its findings below.

Kudos to our departing Data Manager John Gates for his attention to detail and the countless hours spent managing all aspects of data collection which is used by the provincial government and other environmental groups.

The new Data Manager, Trevor Reeves has received hands on training throughout the summer to begin his new role in the summer of 2024.  We do hope John Gates will continue to volunteer for the OLWQS in a less demanding role.

(l-r) John Gates in background records data from the Van Dorn Bottle reading given by Dave Kumka and Verla Anderson. Photo Credit: Trevor Reeves. Editor’s Note: The Van Dorn Bottle allows samples to be taken at different water depths. The horizontal design of the bottle makes it ideal for sampling in stratified waters or areas with predominant currents. It consists of a transparent tube with a plugs at either end, connected by a latex band.

Results from 2023 Data Monitoring on Osoyoos Lake

2023 South Basin 

2023 Central Basin

2023 White Sands

2023 Packing House










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