The Osoyoos Lake Water Quality Society (OLWQS) and its volunteers had another successful day repainting yellow fish (using non-toxic materials) adjacent to the numerous storm drains throughout Osoyoos.

“We do this to remind people that what you put into the storm drain may affect various life forms in the lake such as fish,” says OLWQS President, Birgit Arnstein.  “It’s a simple, yet significant gesture that reminds everyone how precious our Osoyoos Lake is and how important it is to keep it that way for future generations to use and enjoy.”

Faded yellow fish before the repaint.
Yellow fish after the repaint.

(l-r) OLWQS volunteers Carol Boan, Birgit Arnstein and & Verla Anderson.
(l-r) OLWQS volunteers Marie Gibbons and Trevor Reeves.
Many hands and feet make the OLWQS yellow fish repaint fun!
(l-r) OLWQS volunteers John Gates and Dave Kumka.
A perfect yellow fish
(l-r) OLWQS volunteers Verla Anderson and Carol Boan