Protectors planning beach clean-up

Osoyoos Elementary students were a big part of a spring clean last year. This year more than 90 are expected to participate in a fall clean-up — and you’re invited to participate as well.

Osoyoos residents and visitors are being invited to join upwards of 90 Osoyoos Elementary students Sept. 26 for a massive Osoyoos Lake beach clean-up.

“We’re gathering in the Gyro Beach parking lot at 9:30 a.m.,” said Osoyoos Lake Water Quality Society president Birgit Arnstein.

“We’re welcoming volunteers. We’ll give out garbage and recycling bags. People will drop their bags when they’re full and the Town will pick them up.”

The clean-up party will disperse throughout the community.

“Some people will be dispersed over to Cottonwood, for instance,” Ms. Arnstein said. “They’ll go in their cars from the parking lot to do their thing.”

The clean-up is unique this year in that it is occurring after the summer season. Normally, the clean-up occurs in the spring after flood waters have receded.

“There’s no debris from flooding this year, so it made sense to do it after the summer and pick up what people have left behind.”